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Window to the Law: Contribution Limits in Campaign Finance Law

May 9, 2014: 

NAR Legal Affairs discusses the abolition of aggregate campaign contribution limits, REALTOR® Party Convention & Trade Expo, and the Legal Action Program.

Video: Legal Pulse 1Q 2014 Highlights

May 9, 2014: 

Highlights from 1Q 2014's Legal Pulse Newsletter in the areas of Agency, RESPA, Property Condition Disclosure, and Employment Issues.

1Q 2014: Agency, PCD Rights, RESPA, Employment

May 2, 2014: 

A summary of legal research on topics that may be a source of legal liability for real-estate licensees: Agency, Property Condition Disclosure, and RESPA, as well as a limited number of Employment issues. 

No Liability for MLS Listing Information

April 30, 2014: 

California court rules that listing broker’s statement in the MLS that study had found property buildable was not inaccurate.

Sex Offender Disclosure Suit Dismissed

April 23, 2014: 

Court finds no breach of broker’s duties for failure to disclose neighboring sex offender, as rep agreement stated that no such requirement exists under AZ law.

Political Contribution Limits Overturned

April 16, 2014: 

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that limits on aggregate contributions by individuals to candidates and political parties violates the First Amendment.

Flood Insurance Disclosure Guidance

April 2, 2014: 

NAR Legal Affairs has updated the model disclosure for use on properties that require flood insurance in light of the recent changes to the Biggert-Waters Act.

Coupon-Based Rebate Scheme Held Illegal

April 2, 2014: 

Broker’s distribution of cash-back coupons to potential buyers for presentation to sellers is deemed violation of law prohibiting commission splits with non-licensees.

Challenges to Salesperson's Independent Contractor Status

March 31, 2014: 

Watch a video with NAR legal staff discussing lawsuits challenging the independent contractor status of salespeople.

Drone Operator Fine Reversed - UPDATED

March 26, 2014: 

Administrative law judge rules that FAA lacked jurisdiction to impose the fine.