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Supreme Court Rules for Property Owner

July 17, 2013: 

Florida water district's proposed conditions for permit approval may amount to an unconstitutional taking, so the case is returned to the lower court.

NAR Legal Guidance on Flood Insurance Disclosures

July 8, 2013: 

The 2012 Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act reauthorized the federal program for five years.

Beware of Patent Troll: July Update

July 3, 2013: 

NAR Associate Counsel Katie Johnson's blog post discusses how to deal with letters alleging a patent violation for emailing scanned documents.

Homeowner’s Wind Turbine Ruled Nuisance

June 26, 2013: 

Nevada's highest court affirms injunction barring the construction of a wind turbine inside a residential subdivision.

AHRN Antitrust Counterclaim Dismissed

June 19, 2013: 

Maryland court dismisses entire counterclaim filed by the company that runs Neighborcity.com against NAR and MRIS, a Maryland-based MLS.

Legal Podcast: Patent Infringement Letters

May 31, 2013: 

NAR Associate Counsel Katie Johnson discusses how members can respond to letters that allege a violation of a patent for emailing scanned documents.


Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of the REALTOR® Trademarks

May 30, 2013: 

How much do you know about the National Association of REALTORS® registered trademarks? Take this quiz to find out.

Key West Association Wins Federal Copyright Case

May 30, 2013: 

A federal district court in Florida has awarded $2.7 million to the Key West Association of REALTORS® Inc. in its copyright infringement action against Robert Allen.

Lawsuit Over Zoning Disclosure Continues

May 30, 2013: 

Massachusetts court orders jury to consider allegations that real estate professional had inaccurately described the property's zoning to the buyer.

Legal Action Funding Case Report - Midyear 2013

May 24, 2013: 

Read a summary of the cases that received financial support during NAR's 2013 Midyear meetings.