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Legal Seminar: Presentations and the Notebook 2013

September 20, 2013: 

Presentations and materials from the notebook that is distributed at the legal seminar program are available here.

Developing a Local Ombudsman Program

September 16, 2013: 

Explore the ombudsman concept and discuss the characteristics of a successful ombudsman program. Attend, learn, and ask questions at this two-hour session at the 2013 REALTORS® Conference & Expo in San Francisco.

Affordable Care Act Disclosure Deadline

September 16, 2013: 

Learn about the disclosures that employers must provide to their employees by Oct. 1, 2013.

Leadership Summit 2013: Legal Update

September 10, 2013: 

At the 2013 Leadership Summit, Laurie Janik, NAR General Counsel, and Ralph Holmen, Association NAR General Counsel, take a look at the legal issues that have shaped the year and examine what issues may impact the year ahead.

How to Disclose Flood Insurance Requirements

September 6, 2013: 

NAR's Legal Affairs department explains how brokers and agents should properly disclose flood insurance requirements, as well as providing additional helpful resources on flood insurance.

Tenant’s Improper Eviction Action Denied

September 4, 2013: 

Federal court rules that law did not give tenant the ability to bring a lawsuit against a bank over its attempted eviction after its foreclosure.

Court to Reconsider Fair Housing Lawsuit

August 28, 2013: 

Federal appeals court returns matter to lower court to consider whether ad promoting rental unit as a "great bachelor pad" violated the federal Fair Housing Act.

Hotel Condominium Not a Security

August 21, 2013: 

Federal appellate court determines that buyer had not demonstrated that the purchase of condo was connected to the real estate management agreement.

Copyright Infringement Injunction Upheld

August 13, 2013: 

Federal appellate court affirms injunction prohibiting the company that operates NeighborCity.com from copying photographs from MRIS's database.

Legal Podcast: Flood Insurance Program

August 9, 2013: 

Russell Riggs and Ralph Holmen discuss recent changes to the Flood Insurance Program and potential disclosure issues for real estate professionals.