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Mortgage Rates Continue to Rise, Fed Eases Fears

July 12, 2013: 

Mortgage rates moved higher again this week as speculation continued about whether the Federal Reserve will end its future bond purchases. But recent remarks by the Fed chair may ease some of those fears.

Limits to Appraisal Requirements Proposed

July 11, 2013: 

Six regulatory agencies issued a proposal Wednesday that would exempt three types of higher-priced mortgages from appraisal requirements.

IRS to Closely Evaluate What Classifies as REIT

July 11, 2013: 

The IRS and Congress are attempting to define what constitutes real estate assets necessary for qualifying as a real estate investment trust under the tax code.

Soaring Insurance Rates Shock Home Owners

July 11, 2013: 

Home owners who live near areas where disasters have struck, but have not been directly impacted by them, are still seeing dramatic increases in their insurance premiums.

Your Customers Feel Empowered—So Should You

July 11, 2013: 

Empowerment was the name of the game for Day 1 of Inman News' Real Estate Connect in San Francisco.

Brokerages Reveal Their Biggest Industry Challenges

July 10, 2013: 

Real estate brokerages sound off on the biggest business challenges they're facing.

Mortgage Rates Hit 2-Year High as Loan Demand Falls

July 10, 2013: 

A surge in mortgage rates to the highest level in two years dampened demand for mortgage applications last week.

Buyers Use Larger Down Payments to Offset Rising Rates

July 10, 2013: 

To keep monthly mortgage payments more affordable, more home buyers are reaching deeper into their pockets to make larger down payments, according to a new survey.

Mexico May Become More Open to Foreign Buyers

July 10, 2013: 

Mexican lawmakers are weighing whether to lift restrictions on foreign ownership of property along the country's coasts and borders.

Foreclosures Down 29% From Year Ago

July 10, 2013: 

The foreclosure crisis is lessening, but five states account for nearly half of all completed foreclosures nationally.