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Will 'Missing Households' Reappear After Investors Leave?

May 7, 2013: 

Investors and all-cash buyers represent a significant share of the housing market. But as home prices rise, what happens when these buyers vanish from the market -- who will step up?

Professional Courtesy: Where Did It Go?

May 6, 2013: 

Have you ever had a negative experience with the other party in a real estate transaction? If so, how did you handle it?

Main St. and the Internet: Closing the Tax Gap

May 6, 2013: 

Pending legislation to even the tax-collection playing field between Internet retailers and bricks-and-mortar retailers is an important issue for commercial real estate professionals, because their clients face a disadvantage against out-of-state Internet retailers on tax collection.

Could Your Listing Use a Stylish Update?

May 6, 2013: 

Staging — coupled with remodeling — are important considerations in a home selling strategy and an investment in getting top dollar for a home.

NYC Agents Fined for Showing Illegal Apartments

May 6, 2013: 

Real estate agents and brokers can now be fined for showing homes that are not up to code. "We have to hold them accountable too," says the New York City building commissioner.

Real Living Looks to Expand

May 6, 2013: 

The HSF Affiliates brand announced that it will begin selling new franchises once again this year.

One Fifth of New Homes Are Green

May 6, 2013: 

McGraw Hill Construction says 20 percent of homes built last year were green, and that figure is slated to rise to between 29 percent and 38 percent by 2016.

Brokerage Rewards Agents Who Get Company Tattoos

May 6, 2013: 

How loyal are you to your brokerage? Employees at one New York City brokerage earn extra commission if they get a tattoo of the company's logo.

Squatters Cite Laws to Stay in Homes for Free

May 6, 2013: 

Some are taking advantage adverse possession laws in certain states, squatting in foreclosed homes for free and trying to make claims for homes they don't own.

4 Threats That Remain in Housing Recovery

May 6, 2013: 

The housing recovery appears to be growing stronger across the country, so why are some analysts still concerned?