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U.S. Strengths Keep International Buyers Coming Here

May 16, 2013: 

Global buyers are attracted by favorable exchange rates, global economic uncertainty, and nice weather and scenery.

MLS Exec: Pocket Listings Undermine Industry

May 16, 2013: 

An industry expert explains why REALTORS® should buck the 'pocket listing' trend.

Donovan: Making Housing Fairer for All

May 15, 2013: 

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan made his case for housing policies and programs that acknowledge the equal rights of gays and lesbians at the 2014 Midyear Meetings.

Midyear Live: Choosing Future NAR Leaders

May 15, 2013: 

Jessica Hickok of the NAR Leadership Academy (a.k.a. “NARLA”) Advisory Board describes the process of choosing candidates for the Leadership Academy. The Board looks for well-rounded candidates who have experience on the local, state and national levels, and who give back through volunteerism.

NAR Leadership Ready to 'Get in Trouble'

May 15, 2013: 

NAR's Strategic Planning Committee revealed a report that summarized the results of a year’s worth of REThink sessions.

Mentoring the REach™ Class of 2013

May 15, 2013: 

Anne Feder, managing director of HouseLogic and RPR, shares what she gets out of mentoring REach companies.

Follow the NAR Midyear Meetings at Midyear Live

May 14, 2013: 

Stay up to date on news and conversation about the 2013 REALTORS®  Midyear Legislative Meetings with Midyear Live between May 13-18.

A Close Look at the Top Home Improvements

May 13, 2013: 

This Census Bureau infographic illustrates recent trends in home improvements and their corresponding values.

Realtor.com Upgrades Listings Database

May 10, 2013: 

This upgrade allows realtor.com to better track historical property data and pull consolidated data more quickly.

Blog: You Can Bank On It

May 8, 2013: 

Banks play a vital role in the housing market. And just as banks are important, so is protecting the interests of consumers.