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RCI Indicates Modest January Market Expansion

March 4, 2014: 

Data from the January REALTORS® Confidence Index show modest market expansion compared to the rate of market recovery in 2012 through mid-2013.

Steve Brown Responds to WSJ on Flood Insurance

March 4, 2014: 

NAR President Steve Brown's letter stressed the "need to fully understand the dramatic impact these increases have on property values and ownership sustainability."

Orientation Coaching Webinars Available

March 3, 2014: 

Register for a free 30-minute coaching clinic with LLI to learn detailed, step-by-step guidance on assembling your local module content and submitting programming.

Update Your Marketing Materials for Less

March 2, 2014: 

This season, make a big impact with clients, not your budget, with unique marketing resources from the REALTOR Benefits® Program.

The One Who Stood Up When Everything Was Falling Down

February 28, 2014: 

When a tornado wiped out parts of Wilbraham, Mass., in 2011, the town had no emergency plan. Using her extensive real estate expertise, Karen King changed all that.

What’s the Context? Responsive Web Design in Real Estate White Paper

February 28, 2014: 

The Center for REALTOR® Technology just produced a white paper on Responsive Web Design and why it matters. Check it out!

Tax Reform Proposal Would Dramatically Alter Housing Landscape

February 27, 2014: 

“Proposed limits on the mortgage interest deduction and capital gains, and the repeal of deductions for state and local property taxes ... will impact every single American,” says NAR President Steve Brown.

Teachers Can Afford Only 17% of Calif. Homes

February 27, 2014: 

Housing affordability for teachers is in particularly dire straits in the Golden State, where 83 percent of homes in California are unaffordable on a teacher's salary, according to Redfin.

Markets With Strongest Employment Growth Since Dec. 2011

February 27, 2014: 

While national employment growth has been tepid in recent years relative to typical economic recoveries, some markets have done very well. Roughly a third of markets covered by NAR have outperformed the national average over this time period.

Energy-Efficient Mortgages Gain Popularity

February 27, 2014: 

More home buyers and current home owners are weighing the merits of a "green" mortgage, which allows them to finance home improvements that will lower long-term energy costs.