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Video Marketing to Enhance Your Business

May 3, 2013: 

This course offers real-world scenarios and examples that illustrate how agents can plan and implement successful video marketing projects, which are crucial for reaching today's house hunters.

Justifying Your Commission: Show Clients What You're Worth

May 2, 2013: 

Do your clients view your commission as hard-earned income or a jackpot paycheck? Use the following five points to illustrate your worth.

Vacation Homes Increasingly Enticing for Buyers

May 2, 2013: 

The vacation housing market is looking bright these days in part because of favorable economic conditions, but second-home sellers attribute the increase to strategic marketing as well.

Smartphone Security Risk Remains High

May 2, 2013: 

Nearly 40 percent of smart phone users don't take basic security measures such as installing a password on their phone, according to a large-scale Consumer Reports study.

'Pocket Listings' Spark Controversy

May 2, 2013: 

With the housing rebound in full swing, "pocket listings" are growing in many parts of the country, but this development has raised questions over its ethics among some in the industry.

Mobile Real Estate Apps Are Here to Stay

May 1, 2013: 

Jason O'Neil explains why a lot of his clients are turning to the realtor.com app instead of Trulia or Zillow.

Obama Picks Watt for FHFA Post

May 1, 2013: 

President Obama is due today to announce his nomination of U.S. Rep. Mel Watt (D-N.C.) to run the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

Millennials Poised to Put Their Mark on Housing

May 1, 2013: 

"As the economy continues to stabilize, more young adults will wean off of mom and dad and start to live on their own, spurring added economic growth," HousingWire reports.

Home Ownership Rate Drops to Lowest Point in 18 Years

May 1, 2013: 

Housing analysts blame the drop on tight credit conditions, constrained inventories of for-sale homes, and the rising number of single-family rental homes.

Lenders Chip Away at Foreclosure Inventories

May 1, 2013: 

Completed foreclosures rose in March, but the big drop in the number of distressed properties entering the pipeline remains encouraging, analysts say.