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Small Towns, Big Ideas

April 24, 2013: 

Sustainability and community planning aren't just for big cities. Learn how commercial real estate development in smaller towns and rural areas can benefit from foresight.

6 Ways to 'Green' a Home

April 23, 2013: 

More home owners and buyers are ranking energy-efficient home features high in surveys. Here are some ways to make homes more green.

Data Shows Mortgage Credit Easing, Others Not so Sure

April 23, 2013: 

The struggles to qualify for a mortgage have been viewed as one of the top obstacles to the housing recovery, but some recent data shows lenders may finally be starting to ease up.

Consider Becoming a Green REsource Council Designee

April 23, 2013: 

Get involved in the emerging field of green real estate by becoming a Green REsource Council Designee.

Congratulations, 2013 Smith Society Recipients

April 23, 2013: 

Congratulations to 2013 Smith Society Recipients Jarrod Grasso, RCE; Ray Larcher, RCE; and Karla Roberts, RCE, CAE.

How's the Signal at Your Listing?

April 22, 2013: 

Smartphones have become a standard tool for a majority of people. When presenting a home to a potential customer, we must now consider an extra home presentation factor: signal strength.

Because No One Plans to Be Homeless

April 22, 2013: 

Blue Balliett, a bestselling author of young adult literature, told American Planning Association that she came up with the idea for her new book during the housing downturn, when she noticed a dearth of news stories about the effect foreclosures were having on her target audience.

Remembering the Life of Donald Treadwell

April 22, 2013: 

The REALTOR® family lost one of its most well-known and distinguished leaders when NAR's 1984 president, Donald H. Treadwell, passed away.

Where to Find the Greenest Homes

April 22, 2013: 

In these eight cities, your buyers will have an easier time finding energy efficient and eco-friendly homes.

Developers Tweak Designs to Lure Foreign Buyers

April 22, 2013: 

Foreign buyers are flocking to the U.S. to snag luxury second-homes, and developers are increasingly looking to cater to the global buyer through the design of their properties.