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Empire State Building Feud Heads to Court

April 29, 2013: 

Ownership of New York's 102-story landmark will be battled out in court this week.

Brokers Explore Short Sale Lease Back Programs

April 29, 2013: 

Programs are springing up that allow some home owners who sell their home in a short sale transaction to remain in the home as renters.

Home Contractor Scams a Growing Concern

April 29, 2013: 

These scams often rise in frequency in the spring, and home owners should take steps to make sure they aren't duped.

Buyers Will Pay Extra for These Features

April 29, 2013: 

Home buyers say they are willing to spend thousands more in order to have certain interior features in a home.

National Alliance Created to Develop Valuation Education

April 29, 2013: 

The Appraisal Foundation (TAF) and its sponsoring organizations have formed a national education partnership that will be dedicated to providing consistent, quality valuation education.

REALTORS® Urge Preserving Homeownership Tax Policies

April 26, 2013: 

Congress should focus on doing no harm to housing and America's 75 million homeowners by maintaining current tax laws for homeownership and real estate investment, NAR says.

Survey: Many Owners Fail to Get Flood Insurance

April 26, 2013: 

The majority of home owners report know about flood insurance, yet only a small percentage actually add the extra coverage to their standard homeowner's insurance policy.

House Flipping Staging a Comeback?

April 26, 2013: 

More Americans are once again on the hunt to snag a home at bargain prices, fix it up, and then try to resell it for a quick profit, new data shows.

Best Time to Sell? More Americans Say 'Yes'

April 26, 2013: 

"When sellers see their neighbors' homes selling quickly and for prices they never would have imagined a couple of years ago, they can't help but be optimistic about the market," says one real estate pro.

Could Immigration Bill Boost Housing?

April 25, 2013: 

An immigration bill filed last week by a handful of bipartisan senators could trigger widespread change for the housing market if passed.