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Best Time to Sell? More Americans Say 'Yes'

April 26, 2013: 

"When sellers see their neighbors' homes selling quickly and for prices they never would have imagined a couple of years ago, they can't help but be optimistic about the market," says one real estate pro.

Could Immigration Bill Boost Housing?

April 25, 2013: 

An immigration bill filed last week by a handful of bipartisan senators could trigger widespread change for the housing market if passed.

Lenders Embrace Home Equity Loans Again

April 25, 2013: 

As housing values rise, home-equity loans and lines of credit are staging a comeback, MSN Money reports.

Tight Housing Supplies Plague Spring Market

April 25, 2013: 

Home sales are mostly "stuck" this spring, due to the limited number of homes available to buy, says NAR's chief economist.

Set Your Sights on San Francisco

April 25, 2013: 

The REALTORS® Conference & Expo is less than two months away, Nov. 8-11, in San Francisco. Register and book your accommodations soon!

Member Profile: Value of Personal Assistants

April 24, 2013: 

Read statistics from the Member Profile about the valuable work done by personal assistants who work with REALTORS®.

Banks Increasingly Turning to Deeds-in-Lieu of Foreclosure

April 24, 2013: 

As banks seek options to help delinquent home owners, some lenders are eyeing deeds in lieu of foreclosure as the answer.

More Americans Become 'Rent-burdened'

April 24, 2013: 

Rental costs have been on the rise, outpacing stagnant salaries, and widening the affordability gap, according to a new study.

Foreclosure Crisis Melting Away?

April 24, 2013: 

For the first time since 2008, the number of borrowers who are behind on their payments or in foreclosure dropped below 5 million, according to a new report.

When It Comes to Wood Floors, Choose Wisely

April 24, 2013: 

Rich wood flooring can spell instant warmth and patina in a home. Here's an overview that can help buyers and sellers evaluate wood floors.