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More Home Owners Tap Into Equity Again

February 26, 2014: 

Home equity lines of credit, once popular during the housing boom days, are back, but home owners are using them more cautiously, lenders say.

Housing Markets With Lightest Tax Burdens

February 26, 2014: 

As tax time approaches, HousingWire takes a look at the housing markets with some of the lightest tax burdens.

Average Home Upsized Post-Recession

February 26, 2014: 

The average new-home size has increased more than 300 square feet since 2009, filling the extra space with more bedrooms, bathrooms, and amenities.

Study: Student Debt Holds Buyers Back, But Doesn't Need To

February 26, 2014: 

Rising student loan debt continues to hold young Americans back from home ownership, but lenders and real estate professionals say it doesn't have to be a deal killer.

Do Energy-Efficient Buildings Have a Downside?

February 26, 2014: 

Occupants of some retrofitted buildings are finding that mold and bacteria can thrive in some otherwise ideal environments.

A Closer Look at the Latest EHS Release

February 26, 2014: 

Taking a closer look at Existing Home Sales price data reveals an interesting trend going on in the market.

Dramatic Spike in Cost of Home Ownership

February 25, 2014: 

The estimated monthly house payment for a median-priced three-bedroom home purchased at the end of 2013 was 21 percent higher than it was at the end of 2012, RealtyTrac finds.

Boomerang Buyers Making Moves to Return to Home Ownership

February 25, 2014: 

Now that the worst of the foreclosure crisis is in the rearview mirror, former home owners who lost their homes to a short sale or foreclosure are re-entering the housing market.

Why We Don’t Read About Skyrocketing Home Sales Every March

February 25, 2014: 

What data is the best estimate of real trends in the housing market – not just noise? Find out in a recent blog post from NAR's research department.

Oil Boom Sparks Housing Rush in North Dakota

February 24, 2014: 

North Dakota's oil boom – mostly centered in the western part of the state – is prompting record-high home and rental prices across the state.