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On Second Thought, Don't Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies for the Open House!

April 8, 2013: 

Research now shows that potpourri, gourmet foods, and baked goods are among the worst scents for a real estate open house. So which scents make sense?

Americans Value Ownership, Still Plan to Rent

April 5, 2013: 

Home ownership remains part of the American Dream,  but renting is more appealing to the many who believe the housing crisis is not over.

Immigrants to Fuel Next Decade of Growth

April 5, 2013: 

The number of foreign-born homeowners in the United States is poised for rapid growth.

4 Top Mortgage Insurers Fined For Kickbacks

April 5, 2013: 

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has fined four of the nation's largest mortgage-insurance providers for alleged kickbacks to lenders in order to win more business.

Obama Administration to Banks: Ease Up on Home Loans

April 5, 2013: 

Too many potential home buyers are being left behind in the housing recovery -- particularly young professionals -- because they are finding it too difficult to qualify for financing, the Obama administration says.

Get Ready for Big Bidding Wars This Spring

April 5, 2013: 

"The only question is not whether a new listing will get multiple bids but how many it will get," says one real estate broker.

Realtor.com® Toolkit Gives Boost to Open Houses

April 5, 2013: 

Realtor.com has prepared a set of tools to make it easy to tie together your open house listings, visitors, and customer communications.

New Look for eBooks Library

April 4, 2013: 

The freshly redesigned digital library offers filtered searching, one-click book sampling, and easy one-step checkout.

Gain an Edge by Renewing Training

April 4, 2013: 

As business picks up, agents should eye opportunities to renew their training.

3 Ways to Get Unfriended on Your Social Networks

April 4, 2013: 

A survey reveals some of the top reasons people unfriend or unfollow others on social networks.