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Waiving Appraisal Contingency is Risky Business

April 18, 2013: 

Realty Times examines the practice of waiving appraisal contingency and its potential risk to buyers

Pocket Listings: The Good, the Bad, and Everything In Between

April 17, 2013: 

Placer County Association of REALTORS® YPN members Jennifer Klein and Derek Sandoval discuss the ramifications of pocket sales as well as buyers' frustrations with this method of selling a home.

Use Motion to Move Your Customers

April 17, 2013: 

Turn your static photos into eye-catching videos with easy-to-use apps.

Survey Suggests Smoking in Home Chips Away at its Value

April 17, 2013: 

A new survey suggests that home owners who smoke in their home may reduce the home's value by up to 29 percent at resale.

5 Ways Sellers Can Prepare for a Home Inspection

April 17, 2013: 

A home inspector reveals what home sellers should do before a home inspection.

2013 Nationwide Open House Weekend

April 17, 2013: 

The 2013 Nationwide Open House Weekend is set for April 20-21

HUD Issues New Discriminatory Effects Rule

April 17, 2013: 

HUD has formalized its recognition of discriminatory effects liability under the Fair Housing Act. An article on the REALTOR® Action Center explains HUD's proposed test.

4 Tips for Online Lead Generation

April 16, 2013: 

Lead management is as critical as lead generation to the success of real estate practitioners' systems, says an industry expert.

Downsizing Baby Boomers Head to Urban Areas

April 16, 2013: 

Home prices in urban areas have not fallen by as much the last few years as they have in the suburbs. Some experts say it's because of new moving patterns among the baby-boomer generation.

Life After Google Reader

April 16, 2013: 

An overview of some of the services available to replace Google Reader, which shuts down on July 1.