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3 Ways to Think Like a CEO

March 14, 2013: 

Profits and growth bring with them a whole new set of problems totally separate from the day-to-day running of your real estate business, and if you want to maximize profits and keep overhead down, there's still plenty of work to be done.

Practitioner Dismissed From Fair Housing Lawsuit

March 13, 2013: 

A Tampa, Fla., real estate professional has been dismissed from a complaint filed by a fair housing tester in November 2012, says National Association of REALTORS® General Counsel Laurie Janik. His case generated attention online and off this week after he posted an account of the resulting legal and financial complications on real estate social media site ActiveRain.

After Central Air, Buyers Want Walk-In Closets

March 13, 2013: 

That's just one of the important findings in the 2013 Profile of Buyers' Home Feature Preferences, released today by NAR.

Study Shows Home Preferences of Millennials

March 13, 2013: 

The millennial generation is showing a preference for quirky fixer-uppers over the "cookie cutter" luxury homes their parents' generation tended to desire, a new survey reveals.

4 Reasons Your Listing Might Not Be Selling

March 13, 2013: 

Do you have a home lingering on the market? It might be due to one of these reasons.

Register for 'All About Short Sales'

March 12, 2013: 

The U.S. Treasury Department, in collaboration with NAR, will hold an "All About Short Sales" outreach event and webinar on March 19 in Las Vegas. Bank of America, CitiMortgage, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo will participate in the sessions. Register today.

Social Media Webinar Series Now Available

March 12, 2013: 

Buy the recently recorded Social Media Summit webinar bundle and boost your business by learning how to engage online prospects and position yourself as a social media expert.

Illinois Governor Declares 2013 'The Year of Home Ownership'

March 12, 2013: 

"By encouraging home ownership, we can create jobs and grow our economy," Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says.

Global Luxury Market Is Booming

March 12, 2013: 

The number of billionaires and millionaires worldwide is increasing, helping to keep the international luxury market strong.

Foundation Provides Aid to Struggling Real Estate Brokers

March 12, 2013: 

A group of real estate companies and top producers have banded together to help real estate professionals in need.