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'Flash Sales' Grow More Common

March 19, 2013: 

The number of homes sold in less than 24 hours is increasing. Find out where these flash sales are most prevalent.

Five Pre-Sale Prep Tips for Sellers

March 18, 2013: 

Here are five free pre-sale tips for sellers that you can email to your clients.

GOP, Democrats Face Future Challenges

March 18, 2013: 

A political analyst looks at the issues facing the Republicans and Democrats as they look to next year's congressional races and the 2016 presidential contest.

The Staging of Celebrity Homes

March 18, 2013: 

In this month's issue of REALTOR® Magazine, Beverly Hills real estate pro to the stars Myra Nourmand and Brett Baer, a luxury home stager with Meredith Baer Home, shared with me how to add some Hollywood magic to your listings. Take a look at some of their ideas for sprucing up the homes of A-list celebrities.

Survey: Americans Dream Big About Home Ownership

March 18, 2013: 

The number of Americans who say they are optimistic about being able to buy a home soon saw a big jump in the past six months, according to a new survey.

Young Adults' Finances May Be Hard to Repair

March 18, 2013: 

Younger generations were badly hit in the recession, and many have delayed home ownership, which could put a long-term dent on their wealth later on in life.

Obama: 'Our Housing Market Is Healing'

March 18, 2013: 

In his annual economic report to Congress, President Obama said the housing market is bouncing back, but that some economic roadblocks may threaten the recovery.

Lenders Easing Up on Down Payment Requirements?

March 18, 2013: 

Tight credit conditions that have held back many potential home buyers the last few years appear to be thawing just in time for the spring buying market to begin.

4 Ways to Boost Referrals

March 18, 2013: 

Learn how to focus on business development and prospecting by nurturing past business relationships.

Budget Plans: Any Impact on Real Estate?

March 18, 2013: 

Tax provisions are once again under discussion as lawmakers look at dueling budget plans.