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Controlling Your Emotional State

March 17, 2013: 

Each one brings new challenges and opportunities, new sources of joy and frustration. But no matter what's going on, you should be able to maintain a certain level state that's independent of events.

5 Steps to Driving Creativity

March 16, 2013: 

Here are five tips for people who want to accelerate their business through creativity from a speaker at NAR's AE Institute in San Diego, Calif.

HUD Plans 7-Day Shutdown Amid Sequester Cuts

March 15, 2013: 

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced this week that it will close for seven days this summer due to the forced government budget cuts.

Many U.S. Counties Facing Shrinking Populations

March 15, 2013: 

More than one in three U.S. counties -- a record number -- are losing residents.

10 States with 'Dangerous Foreclosure Flare-Ups'

March 15, 2013: 

"At a high level, the U.S. foreclosure inferno has been effectively contained ... but dangerous foreclosure flare-ups are still popping up in states where foreclosures have been delayed," says a spokesperson for RealtyTrac.

Pocket Listings Heat Up: Good or Bad?

March 15, 2013: 

Some real estate professionals argue that the rise in pocket listings is hurting the housing market.

Is Gender Bias an Issue in Loan Applications?

March 15, 2013: 

A study finds that home loan and refinance applications are less likely to be approved if the borrower is a woman.

4 Steps to Relaunching Your Online Brand

March 15, 2013: 

Is your brand connecting with consumers online? Here are four ways you can develop a fresh presence on the Web.

Three-for-One Bonus: V2.0 of Appraisal Institute's 'Green & Energy Efficient Addendum' Hits the Street

March 15, 2013: 

The second version is very consistent with the first release, simply clarifying some field names and some organization tweaks that make it easier to use. Perhaps the biggest change for the appraiser is that it spells out an answer to the question: Who should complete this addendum?

Survey: Does Your Association Have a Blog?

March 14, 2013: 

Complete the REALTOR® Association Blog Survey and help the entire AE community better understand how to succeed with this medium.