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What's the Best Season for Home Buying?

January 31, 2013: 

 A new study reveals the months when buyers in each U.S. state typically start searching for houses.

8 Tech Gadgets You'll Want to Have

January 30, 2013: 

Here's a roundup of some of the latest technologies featured at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show.

Buyer's Guide: 2013 Contact Management Solutions

January 30, 2013: 

Software and cloud services can help you stay organized and in touch to build the relationships that advance your business. Explore this guide to figure out which contact management solution works best for you.

Investigation of Scam Complaint Site Pays Off

January 30, 2013: 

After an investigation by the National Association of REALTORS® and several state associations, the real estate complaint site accused of posting fake reviews and seeking payment to have those reviews deleted appears to have shut down.

Many Renters Don't Get Security Deposits Back

January 30, 2013: 

An increasing number of renters are denied their security deposit when they move out, and a big portion of renters say they never even know why, according to a recent survey.

The Fastest Growing Social Network in the World ...

January 30, 2013: 

It's not Facebook. Find out the social network that is outperforming the others with massive growth.

What Will the New 'Normal' for Housing Be?

January 30, 2013: 

Fannie Mae releases some of its projections for the housing market in its new report, "Transition to 'Normal'?"

Training From the Good Old-School

January 29, 2013: 

Is your brokerage a disfunctional classroom? Get an A+ in culture change.

Pa. Woman Fights State's Disclosure Laws

January 29, 2013: 

A Pennsylvania woman is taking her case to the state's Supreme Court in a lawsuit over a seller and agent who failed to disclose to her that a murder-suicide had taken place in the home that she had purchased.

3 Big Social Media Turn-Offs

January 29, 2013: 

A recent survey shows these top reasons for alienating connections on your social networks.