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Win the Listing Before You Get to the Presentation

February 27, 2013: 

Client testimonials can be the most powerful tool to attract new prospects. Check out these ideas for effectively using testimonials in your marketing materials.

Economy Advances 2.2 Percent in 2012

February 26, 2013: 

This column gives an overview of the economy in 2012, covering consumer spending, government spending, employment, private businesses, international trade, and commercial real estate.

RPR Announces Strategic Alliance With Fannie Mae

February 26, 2013: 

This new partnership will see an expansion of the existing REO listing information available to REALTORS® in the RPR application, and the delivery of new and specialized training options.

LPS Debuts 'It's Listed' Alerts

February 26, 2013: 

The new tool will alert mortgage servicers when their customers place their homes on the market. The company hopes it will help servicers expedite short sales.

5 Toughest States for Borrowers

February 26, 2013: 

Lending standards are tight everywhere, but in some states, the odds may be stacked against you even more.

What Buyers Do—and Do Not—Want

February 26, 2013: 

With the U.S. housing market finally picking back up, the National Association of Home Builders conducted a large study to pinpoint how recession may have influenced consumers' lifestyle preferences and home wish lists.

60% of Single-Family Renters Plan to Buy Within 5 Years

February 26, 2013: 

A new survey reveals more about the single-family renter population, and their future aspirations.

The 5 Most Recognizable Real Estate Brands

February 26, 2013: 

A new survey reveals the top real estate brokerages that Americans recognize most readily.

Just How Big is the FHA?

February 25, 2013: 

How large of a presence does the FHA have in the housing market? Is its role on the decline?

Vote, Act & Invest: How it Works Together

February 25, 2013: 

Learn what the REALTOR® Party is, what it does, and how it's critical for REALTORS® across America to come together and speak with one voice.