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Is the Market Shifting?

February 20, 2013: 

There is a shift toward a seller's market in many areas of the country. In this video, YPN members Jennifer Klein and Derek Sandoval discuss contributing factors, including lack of inventory and fewer distressed properties.

Half of all Renters Spend 30% or More Income on Housing

February 19, 2013: 

Multifamily housing demand continues to grow, but affordable rental housing is becoming more elusive in certain parts of the country.

Determining the Value of a LinkedIn Endorsement

February 19, 2013: 

Endorsements on LinkedIn are a fast, easy way to show someone what you are truly great at in your career. But are they effective?

Easy Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy

February 19, 2013: 

As an on-the-go professional, be sure to protect the mobile technology devices that contain your private business information. Here's how.

Study Reveals the Home Scents That Help You Sell

February 19, 2013: 

New research suggests that some of the common scents real estate professionals may reach for in prepping a home for sale can actually turn off home buyers.

Big Foreclosure Discounts Are Fading Away

February 19, 2013: 

"The fact that we are seeing a combination of rising home prices and a bottoming out of foreclosure prices is a very good sign the housing recovery is taking hold," says one economist.

5 Best Markets for Home Sellers

February 19, 2013: 

Which markets tilt most in sellers' favor? Realtor.com identifies the five best places to sell in 2013.

Get Sales Tips From the Pros

February 19, 2013: 

This special selection of eBooks from the Library offer great tips, advice, and insider information to help you close that sale.

New Professionalism Video & Brochure

February 19, 2013: 

NAR created these resources for members on how to conduct themselves professionally and show respect for property, the public, and peers.

Real Estate to Gain Home Inspector Oversight in Miss.?

February 18, 2013: 

In Mississippi, a controversial bill is moving through the state legislature that would give the state's Real Estate Commission sole oversight over home inspectors.