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Scam Complaint Site Now Dormant

January 10, 2013: 

A suspicious Web site that had been misusing the REALTOR® trademark has now been suspended.

Short Sales Hit Record High, Fannie and Freddie Report

January 9, 2013: 

Mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac implemented new timelines this summer aimed at speeding up short sales, which have helped short sales skyrocket in the third quarter of 2012.

Pa. Judge Rules No Disclosure Needed in Home's Grisly Past

January 9, 2013: 

A Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that sellers in the state do not have to legally disclose "psychological defects" when trying to sell their house.

8 Places Facing New Waves of Foreclosures

January 9, 2013: 

Foreclosures are decreasing nationwide, but a few pockets across the country are still expected to see elevated levels in 2013.

Consumers Have High Expectations for Housing Market

January 9, 2013: 

A recent Fannie Mae survey finds consumers expect home prices to increase over the next 12 months.

Selling in the Martian Market

January 9, 2013: 

Whether the Mars One project is successful in its aims or not, it seems likely that humans will set foot on that planet sometime in this century. What would selling real estate on Mars be like?

U.S. Census, HUD Release American Housing Survey

January 8, 2013: 

The U.S. Census Bureau and HUD recently released their biennual comprehensive national housing survey, which provides data on housing inventories, demographics, home improvements, mortgages, and more.

Luxury Home Sales Soared Before End of Year

January 8, 2013: 

Wealthy home owners who were trying to beat the fiscal cliff helped send luxury home sales soaring at the end of 2012.

Banks Agree to $8.5B Settlement Over Foreclosure Errors

January 8, 2013: 

Major banks get hit with another big settlement over past foreclosure abuses.

Number of Improving Housing Markets Keeps Growing

January 8, 2013: 

An index that identifies metro areas where growth has occurred in employment, home prices, and the number of housing permits allotted for at least six consecutive months has nearly doubled in the past two months.