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What is the REALTOR® Party's Mission?

February 13, 2013: 

The REALTOR® Party is an energized movement of real estate professionals fighting to keep the dream of home ownership alive for this country. Learn how to get involved.

Avoiding the Condo Blues

February 12, 2013: 

Working a condo niche can be a great source of clients for your business, but you need to do your homework first. Be aware of these three pitfalls in order to help your clients make a sound investment while putting yourself on the road to success.

Best Practices for Your Real Estate Web Site Home Page

February 12, 2013: 

Here are 8 ways to make potential clients fall in love with your real estate Web site and give you more business.

Are You Ready to be Interviewed by a Savvy Buyer?

February 12, 2013: 

A new book prepares house hunters to find the right real estate professional. Will you pass the test?

Tax Reform, Fixing Mortgage Rules High on 2013 Obama Agenda

February 12, 2013: 

Learn what to expect out of the White House this year by checking out our coverage of President Obama's 2013 State of the Union speech.

Court Rejects Department of Energy's Gas-Log Fireplace Rules

February 12, 2013: 

A U.S. Court of Appeals has thrown out the rules adopted in 2011 by the Department of Energy to try to regulate gas-log fireplaces so that they use less energy.

25% of Consumers Have Errors on Credit Report

February 12, 2013: 

Credit reports are used by lenders to judge mortgage applicants, yet a large number of Americans have errors on their report that could make them pay a higher fee.

Could That Listing Have Been a Meth Lab?

February 12, 2013: 

There are no federal rules that require sellers to disclose whether a home was once used as a meth lab. So what should your buyers do if they suspect the poisonous substance?

Younger Generations Rate Home Ownership Higher

February 12, 2013: 

Younger Americans place more importance and hold more favorable views toward home ownership than older generations, according to a new survey.

Mortgage Finance and the New QM Rule

February 12, 2013: 

Learn about the new Qualified Mortage (QM) rule and what it means for today's real estate market.