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Land More Listings: Free Selling Tips

February 12, 2013: 

Add free, seller-focused info to your listing presentation book with articles from the "Land Lots More Listings" article package, courtesy of the REALTOR(R) Content Resource.

5 Items on Women's Home Shopping Lists

February 11, 2013: 

Men tend to be more interested in a home's space and dimensions, but women tend to be more swayed by a home's aesthetics, layout, and functionality.

Recession Over, How are Home Buyers Faring?

February 11, 2013: 

Habitat for Humanity released its 2013 Shelter Report earlier this week and as part of its release it joined NAR and the REALTOR® University Research Center to host a discussion on how moderate-income households are faring in the housing market now that the recession is behind us.

New Illinois Law Aims to Speed Up Foreclosures

February 11, 2013: 

State lawmakers take another step in fighting blight caused by abandoned, foreclosed homes.

12 States With the Highest Credit Scores

February 11, 2013: 

Find out which states boast the highest median credit scores among mortgage applicants.

Avoid These IRS Red Flags at Tax Time

February 11, 2013: 

Take special care when claiming these real estate-related write-offs and exemptions on your taxes.

Obama Scorecard: Housing Recovery Strengthens

February 11, 2013: 

The housing market continues to grow stronger, but the economy remains "fragile," according to the Obama administration's latest Housing Scorecard.

NAR Research: Home Search Twitter Chat Recap

February 11, 2013: 

Read a recap of NAR's Twitter chat on the home search process for recent buyers.

New Public Advocacy Campaign Ads

February 11, 2013: 

NAR is reaching out to consumers with new messages about how REALTORS® are defending the dream of home ownership.

8 Metros With Big Foreclosure Deals

February 8, 2013: 

Find out where some of the biggest discounts for foreclosed homes can be found.