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REALTORS®' Commercial Markets Gain Steam in Fourth Quarter 2012

February 15, 2013: 

The results of the January Commercial Real Estate Market Survey show that commercial practitioners closed 2012 on a positive note.

Multifamily Growth Poised to Continue in 2013

February 14, 2013: 

Home building is once again contributing to the nation's economic growth, and a major factor behind that growth has been the expansion of multifamily construction.

Brokerage Aims to Make Vets Into Agents

February 14, 2013: 

An Atlanta brokerage is launching a program that will pay for all the training and licensing for up to 3,000 vets who want to become real estate agents.

Billionaire Goes on Home-Buying Spree

February 14, 2013: 

A new player has stepped into the single-family rental pool, snatching up homes by the thousands to turn into rentals.

To That One Person, You're Pineapple

February 14, 2013: 

For every person who appreciates you being on top of it with your follow-up, there'll be that one person who thinks you're too aggressive.

Awkward Networking Situations and How to Handle Them

February 14, 2013: 

Have you ever found yourself in an uncomfortable conversation that you weren't sure exactly how to get out of? In this edition of "Ringside With Michael," networking expert Michael Goldberg takes a humorous but practical look at different networking scenarios and how to get through those awkward moments unscathed.

Foreclosure Crisis 'Now Well Past the Peak'

February 14, 2013: 

Foreclosure filings continue their downward spiral, dropping to their lowest level in January since April 2007.

Research Your Advertising to Guarantee its Effectiveness

February 13, 2013: 

In a follow-up to his 10-part series on writing successful real estate ads, Ian Grace offers bonus tip No. 11, which covers how to research potential buyers and test your advertising.

New Home Search on Mobile Devices

February 13, 2013: 

Real estate searches on Google.com have grown 253% over the past four years, making online home marketing an essential part of your business.

Fannie Mae Announces New HomePath for Short Sales Escalation Process

February 13, 2013: 

An expanded tool is designed to help prevent foreclosures and stabilize neighborhoods.