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New Skill Assessment Tool: UpSkill Agent

January 4, 2013: 

This tool, developed specifically for the real estate industry, will assess your skills in six key real estate competencies by having you answer a series of online questions. Find out what your skill levels are for getting listings, presenting properties, marketing, interacting with clients, and more.

Building Strong Relationships Through Social Media

January 3, 2013: 

Check out these tips for connecting and staying in touch with your clients. It's time to get SOCIAL.

Mortgage-Fee Plan Faces Pushback

January 3, 2013: 

Lawmakers and attorneys general in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut, and Florida oppose the FHFA's proposal to hike loan fees in those states.

New Calif. Law Requires Disclosure of Foreclosure to Tenants

January 3, 2013: 

In California, a new law that took effect Jan. 1 requires property managers and landlords to disclose to prospective tenants if a property for rent is in foreclosure.

Poll: Number of Renters Who Want to Own Skyrockets

January 3, 2013: 

"We're definitely seeing a renewed sense of optimism," says a PulteGroup spokeswoman about results of a new poll of renters.

5 Tips for Buyers Who Use Downpayment Gifts

January 3, 2013: 

About a quarter of first-time home buyers use gifts from relatives to fund a down payment for a home purchase. Be sure your buyers follow these five tips to avoid any financing problems caused by these gifts.

Shadow Inventory Threat Wanes

January 3, 2013: 

Many experts once warned that the looming "shadow inventory" posed a big problem for the housing market's recovery, but that threat appears to be receding, according to a new report.

Gen X's Role in the Housing Downturn

January 3, 2013: 

During the housing crisis, Generation X made up the largest percentage of households in foreclosure, according to new research.

Online CRS Course on Client Negotiations: Unlocking Hearts vs. Locking Horns

January 3, 2013: 

In this online course, you'll learn about interest-based negotiation, a strategy which will help you learn to uncover client interests during buyer and seller intake, adapt to clients' evolving interests during the transaction process, and use interests to maintain connections with past clients. Upon completion of the exam, you will earn 2 CRS designation credits.

Banks Near $10B Settlement Over Foreclosure Abuses

January 2, 2013: 

Fourteen banks are reportedly nearing a $10 billion settlement with banking regulators over past abuses with home loans.