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What You Give is What You Get

December 17, 2012: 

As you look to define or redefine yourself in 2013, what kind of role model will you choose to be?

Can Certain 'Lucky' Numbers Better Your Selling Chances?

December 17, 2012: 

Auspicious numerals may lead more buyers into your listing.

2013 Large Firm Representatives

December 16, 2012: 

This is a list of 75 real estate firms allocated a representative on NAR's Board of Directors in 2013.

Industry Mourns Loss of Safety Expert Andrew Wooten

December 15, 2012: 

Well-known real estate safety expert Andrew L. Wooten, who served as a safety adviser for NAR, died Tuesday.

Buyer's Guide: 2013 Autos

December 14, 2012: 

Auto expert Paul Eisenstein addresses luxury, mileage, and even entertainment in this comprehensive guide.

Underwater Home Owners New Target of Scammers

December 14, 2012: 

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is warning home owners about a widespread mortgage-modification scam.

Fulfill Your Goals in 2013 With These E-books

December 13, 2012: 

A new year could mean a new you. Discover 80+ E-book titles to help meet your goals and fulfill your dreams in 2013.

Fighting to Protect Home Ownership in 2013

December 13, 2012: 

NAR's 2013 President, Gary Thomas, discusses where he believes the real estate market is headed in 2013.

10 States With Highest Foreclosure Rates

December 13, 2012: 

For the third-consecutive month, this state has the highest foreclosure rate in the country.

Foreclosure Starts Fall to 6-Year Low

December 13, 2012: 

The latest foreclosure data offers "more evidence that we are past the worst of the foreclosure problem," according to the latest report from RealtyTrac.