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Appraisals: Reflecting the Market or Hindering It?

November 26, 2012: 

Low housing inventories in many markets have sparked bidding wars that have pushed home prices up higher than recent comparable sales. But low appraisals then threaten to derail the deals, agents say.

Housing Starts Soar

November 26, 2012: 

The large increase in housing starts to 894,000 indicates progress towards stable overall vacancy rates, but further increase is needed, to 1.3 million, to reach that stability.

NAR in Orlando: My Trip in a Nutshell

November 21, 2012: 

Subhi Gharbieh reflects on NAR Annual and what it takes to be a YPN Network of the Year.

Home Owners Add $760B in New Home Equity

November 20, 2012: 

Sales are being driven by strengthening fundamentals—the improving jobs picture, rising rental rates, continuing low interest rates and housing affordability—and prices are gaining on reduced supply.

What that Front Door Color Might Say About a Home

November 19, 2012: 

Color psychologists suggest that the color of the front door can make a powerful statement about the home or the owner. Here's what they say the different front door hues can mean.

Trump Jumps into Real Estate Brokerage Business

November 19, 2012: 

Donald Trump has launched a luxury residential real estate firm, his first leap into real estate sales beyond the Trump organization's own properties.

More NFIP Funds Needed to Pay for Sandy

November 19, 2012: 

The Obama Administration is expected to seek an additional $4.025 billion for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which currently has borrowed $20.775 billion.

FHA Looks to Raise Mortgage Fees to Avoid Bailout

November 19, 2012: 

Facing a $16.4 billion deficit, FHA is looking for ways to make up the shortfall by raising premiums on loans it guarantees next year for borrowers.

Despite Low Inventory, Listing Prices Slacken

November 19, 2012: 

The inventory of for-sale homes remains at historic lows, but the recovery may be slowing with the rise in median listing prices tapering off, according to the latest housing data release from Realtor.com.

Blog: Building Hope

November 16, 2012: 

2012 marked the 12th year members of NAR have participated in a Habitat for Humanity build during the REALTORS® Conference & Expo.