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What Do Distressed Sales Mean for REALTORS®?

October 31, 2012: 

Learn how distressed sales can affect your business.

Children: Appealing to Your Littlest Clients

October 30, 2012: 

Real estate agents need to keep children in mind when working with families. Here are some tips for presenting properties to the entire family.

VA Guarantees 20 Million Loans and Counting

October 30, 2012: 

The Department of Veterans Affairs announced it has reached a major milestone: It guaranteed its 20 millionth home loan.

How's Your Online Rep?

October 30, 2012: 

More small businesses are focusing on how to better manage their online reputations and using new software tools to track what's being said about them online.

REALTOR® Guide to Ethics in Real Estate

October 30, 2012: 

Whether you're a new or aspiring REALTOR® or whether you're brushing up on changes in the industry, here are some resources to help you understand real estate ethics.

Going Paperless: 3 Tips to Get Started

October 29, 2012: 

Here are three tips that will get you closer to never using a printer again.

State Tackles Vacant Property Blight With Land Bank

October 29, 2012: 

A Pennsylvania bill is being touted as an innovative way to handle the number of abandoned, distressed properties that have become eyesores throughout the state.

RE/MAX Chairman to Obama, Romney: How About Housing?

October 29, 2012: 

"For many Americans, housing is still a crisis, and they are anxiously waiting for solutions," RE/MAX chairman Dave Liniger wrote to the presidential candidates.

How to Frankenstorm-Proof a Home

October 29, 2012: 

As Hurricane Sandy threatening the Atlantic Coast in what's being dubbed as "Frankenstorm," many home owners are asking themselves: Have I done enough to disaster-proof my home?

QM, QRM to Lock in Tight Loan Standards

October 26, 2012: 

Home mortgage originations will shrink by up to 20 percent and the economy as a whole clipped by 1.1 percent over the next three years if federal regulators proceed with their proposed qualified mortgage (QM) and qualified residential mortgage (QRM) rules.