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Obama Victory Keeps Focus on Rules, Reforms

November 7, 2012: 

REALTOR® Magazine's look at Tuesday's election results from the presidential campaign to the successes of NAR-backed candidates.

Analyst Tackles Sandy's Impact on CMBS Market

November 6, 2012: 

Fitch Ratings is collecting preliminary data so that it can evaluate the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the commercial mortgage-backed securities market.

Extra Touches to Help Sell Homes This Fall

November 6, 2012: 

Homes can look less inviting in the fall and cooler months, but there are easy ways you can evoke that "homey" feel buyers crave.

Canada's Housing Market Headed for a Bust?

November 6, 2012: 

A chill is emerging in the once-booming Canadian housing market.

More Americans Bank on Real Estate

November 6, 2012: 

Some Americans are embracing the investor role in real estate, hoping it will fund their future retirement.

FHA Orders Foreclosure Halt for Sandy Victims

November 6, 2012: 

On Monday, the government announced a 90-day suspension of foreclosures with FHA-backed loans in areas devastated by last week's megastorm.

Sandy Prompts Call for National Catastrophe Fund

November 5, 2012: 

A recent editorial called for government officials to consider creating a national catastrophe fund to deal with large-scale weather events that can cause extensive damage and expensive reconstruction challenges.

Foreclosed Home Owners Rebound Faster With FHA Loans

November 5, 2012: 

Home owners who experienced foreclosures are finding themselves owning again sometimes only three years later—possibly even less—with Federal Housing Administration-backed loans.

5 States With the Highest Foreclosure Inventories

November 5, 2012: 

Foreclosures are falling across the country, but they still make up a big chunk of some markets' housing stock. Find out which ones.

How Will Sandy's Damage Affect Real Estate?

November 5, 2012: 

The damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy will create a market slowdown in the short term, but the areas affected will likely see a big boost in later months.