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Commercial Market to Get Boost in 2013

October 19, 2012: 

"Nothing indicates a quick turnaround for commercial real estate, but it is improving," according to an outlook in a recent report on commercial real estate market.

Traits of People With High Credit Scores

October 19, 2012: 

What does it take to get a credit score of 785 or higher? FICO releases common habits of high scorers and how they qualify for some of the best mortgage rates.

Boost Your Roost: Help Clients Win $1,000

October 18, 2012: 

Spread the word: HouseLogic's Boost Your Roost sweepstakes is back, now through Nov. 20. Remind clients to enter weekly for a chance to win $1,000.

Maintain an Edge With Twitter

October 17, 2012: 

By following reliable strategies, practitioners can use Twitter to gain an edge in their market.

Biggest Danger Zones for Your iPhone

October 17, 2012: 

Real estate professionals are heavy users of smartphones, particularly the iPhone. Where is your iPhone the most vulnerable? A new survey reveals top danger spots.

Get Big Employers (and Big Brother) Working for You

October 17, 2012: 

NAR's recent Workforce Housing Forum contained many real-world tips and ideas for entering this exciting, much-needed niche.

Buyer's Guide: 2012 Computers

October 17, 2012: 

Your next computing solution could be a tablet, desktop, or notebook. Your choice will likely involve a trade-off between mobility and heavy-duty computing power. Read our guide to find out what will best meet your needs.

9 Ways You're Misusing Social Media

October 16, 2012: 

Social media expert Scott Stratten shares some secrets to avoiding the "unawesome" in his new book.

Android Phone Users Beware of Bug

October 16, 2012: 

Two spyware programs are becoming an increasing threat to Android smartphone users.

Appraisals Remain Big Hurdle, Agents Say

October 16, 2012: 

Problems with low appraisals are causing more real estate professionals to include appraisal contingencies in their sales contracts.