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High and Low Context Cultures - Developing Cultural Fluency

February 9, 2015: 

The way people make decisions, trust others, disclose information, or even make eye contact is often cultural. It is important for a global real estate practitioner to be fluent in these patterns.

What Does the New Year Hold for Global Real Estate?

February 9, 2015: 

In this blog post, Jeff Hornberger, NAR's director of Global Alliances, talks about some of the trends he expects to see in global real estate in 2015.

Featured eBooks: Sales & Marketing Strategies

February 9, 2015: 

Discover useful eBooks to help you understand your customers and grow your business.

New Consumer Advertising Campaign TV Ad

February 9, 2015: 

The new Consumer Advertising Campaign TV ad highlights why consumers rely on REALTORS®' expertise and market insights.

Safety Warning Issued to Female Realtors in Virginia

February 4, 2015: 

ABC 13 article about a warning going out for female REALTORS® across the state.

5 Ways You Can Build Your Network With NAR

January 29, 2015: 

The REALTORS® Conference & Expo is just one of the five ways you can build your network through NAR.

Facebook Safety & REALTORS®

January 26, 2015: 

Get an overview of the social networking site and learn how to protect your privacy and stay safe online.

Apply Now for the Volunteering Works Program

January 22, 2015: 

The program matches mentors to Realtors® who want to expand and improve their community service outreach.

New Resources for REALTORS® on Internet Security

January 20, 2015: 

A three-part report which recommends a number of security practices to help keep REALTORS® and their business safe online.

Download the New REALTOR Benefits® Program Catalog

January 17, 2015: 

Discover information on all Program partners in this full-color catalog to print and share.