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Polychron on Obama's Action to Lower Cost Prohibitive FHA Insurance Premiums

January 9, 2015: 

The actions will help first-time and underserved homebuyers, preserve strong underwriting standards, and protect taxpayers from unnecessary risk.

Have Questions About Health Insurance?

January 8, 2015: 

Open Enrollment for qualified major medical plans ends Feb. 15. REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace can help you find and enroll in a plan that’s right for you and your family.

Remove the Stress of Online Transactions With DocuSign

January 5, 2015: 

REALTOR Benefits® Program partner DocuSign will allow you to conduct all your 2015 business with the confidence that your data is secure.

Featured eBook Collection: Staging Secrets

January 5, 2015: 

Discover useful eBooks to help you stage for-sale properties cleanly and efficiently.

AE MVP: Sign Up for zipForm® Plus Demo to Earn Reward

January 2, 2015: 

Sign up for the zipForm® Plus demo with Collaboration from zipLogix and earn the REALTOR® Security bundle, plus a chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card.

2015 Resolution: Save for a House?

December 31, 2014: 

Are you or someone you know saving for your downpayment for a new home?

Cost of New vs. Existing Homes

December 30, 2014: 

Data from November shows a 36% price difference between new and existing homes.

Appraisers Are Being Unfairly Targeted

December 30, 2014: 

In recent weeks, there have been a number of news articles involving appraisers, including some that have unfairly accused appraisers of inflating home values.

REALTOR® Safety When Meeting Strangers: 12 Tips

December 29, 2014: 

REALTOR® Magazine has produced a short video that walks you through 12 steps you can take to reduce the chance of something bad happening to you when you meet a new customer.

Leadership Application Process

December 19, 2014: 

The Campaign and Credentials Rules Committee will be accepting applications for elected officer and regional vice presidents between January 1 and February 15.