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Most Sellers Estimate Home Value Well Above Recommended Listing Price

October 8, 2012: 

Seventy-seven percent of home owners think their home is worth a lot more than it really is, according to HomeGain's third quarter 2012 National Home Values Survey Results of 300 real estate agents.

Housing Scorecard: Home Equity on the Rise

October 8, 2012: 

More home owners are finding equity once again in their homes, according to the September Housing Scorecard from the Obama administration.

Tailor Your Marketing to Echo Boomers

October 4, 2012: 

Young adults born between 1982-1995 -- called echo boomers -- are much different from the baby boomers and present unique challenges and opportunities for REALTORS®. Learn how to connect on what's important to them.

Urban Buyers Choose Custom Over Cookie Cutter

October 3, 2012: 

More and more developers of urban condos and town homes are giving buyers an increasing amount of say in the look and layout of their homes.

Gov't Warns Banks: More Lawsuits Coming

October 3, 2012: 

Following a lawsuit initiated against Bear Stearns this week, federal investigators warned that more lawsuits are coming against banks stemming from their sales of mortgage-backed securities.

Fannie to Tighten Loan Criteria for Condos, Refis

October 3, 2012: 

On Oct. 20, Fannie Mae will tighten some of its underwriting standards for condo buyers and home owners wanting to refinance. The changes have some in the industry concerned.

CoreLogic: Home Prices Rise at Accelerated Levels

October 3, 2012: 

Home prices rose in August by their largest amount since July 2006, CoreLogic reports in its August Home Price Index, which includes distressed sales.

Different Ads for Different Markets

October 3, 2012: 

Don't blanket-advertise your listings. Instead, talk directly to various buyers through multifaceted ad campaigns.

Lenders Get Even More Strict With Borrowers

October 2, 2012: 

Banks are requiring home buyers to come with higher credit scores and down payments to get approved for a loan, according to new national data.

Short Sale Relief at Risk?

October 2, 2012: 

Short sales are growing in popularity, but that may soon change. The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act and Debt Cancellation is expiring at the end of the year, which could make more home owners think twice about doing a short sale.