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Advice for Buyers in a Competitive Market

September 13, 2012: 

More home buyers are finding they're losing their power position in the real estate market. Here's what Money Magazine suggests they be prepared to do.

REALTOR.com® CEO Steve Berkowitz on Bloomberg News: Top 10 Turnaround Markets

September 12, 2012: 

Move Inc./REALTOR.com® CEO, Steve Berkowitz, shares the latest quarterly report on the top 10 turnaround housing markets in the U.S. on Bloomberg TV.

REALTOR.com® Android™ App Powers up With All-New Upgrades

September 12, 2012: 

Learn more about the robust new set of features to the REALTOR.com® app for Android™ on the REALTOR.com® blog.

7 Free Marketing & Productivity Tools from REALTOR.com®

September 12, 2012: 

The real estate business can be an all-consuming profession. It’s a business that demands a lot more than a 40 hour a week schedule; buyers need your attention when they find a home they love, and sometimes your listings linger, and take a little longer to sell.

FHFA Gives Banks Reason to Revisit Overlays

September 12, 2012: 

Now that the agency has clarified when lenders have to buy back bad loans, will banks revisit their strict GSE lending standards?

Cramming for the Conference

September 12, 2012: 

Antsy for Annual? We've got a sneak preview of conference speaker Mark Leader's new book on social capital.

5 Things to Know About Free E-Mail

September 12, 2012: 

You may not spend money to use it, but free e-mail can have a cost.

Mayorism: Marketing Yourself and Your Community

September 12, 2012: 

You need to promote yourself online, but you can attract more consumers by being a resource on real estate transactions and your local area. Learn how.

Iowa Realty Brings Veterans Into Real Estate

September 12, 2012: 

Iowa Realty offers what's reported to be the first training program in the country to give veterans their real estate licenses.

Home Owners Who Shop More Save More

September 12, 2012: 

Many home owners sold themselves short when they refinanced by not shopping around -- and they may have missed out on even more savings.