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'Mortgage Cops' Target Strategic Defaulters

September 17, 2012: 

The Federal Housing Finance Agency has a message for those who walked away from their mortgage obligations: We're coming for you.

CFPB Advisory Board: It's All About Balance

September 17, 2012: 

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is writing rules that can have an enormous impact on real estate.

Orlando REALTORS® Ride Planned Railway

September 14, 2012: 

More than 170 Central Florida real estate professionals, leasing agents, and others rode an Amtrak train this morning, "pretending" they were on the planned SunRail commuter train.

4 Errors Home Shoppers Should Avoid

September 14, 2012: 

Real estate professionals say they keep seeing buyers make the same mistakes over and over again in a home purchase. Don't let consumers make one of these errors.

A Townhouse Comeback Emerging?

September 14, 2012: 

Townhouse construction is soaring in recent months and is expected to continue to grow in demand, according to the builder trade group.

New State Leader Battles Highest Foreclosure Rate

September 14, 2012: 

For the past several years, Nevada and California have been the U.S. states with the highest foreclosure rates. But now a surprising state is posting the highest rates and increases in foreclosures.

Fed Moves to Keep Rates Low

September 14, 2012: 

The Federal Reserve is targeting mortgage rates again in an effort to boost the overall economy.

8 Incredibly Powerful Real Estate Apps

September 14, 2012: 

No matter how hard we try to keep up with all the latest trends and technology, it is virtually impossible to use every real-estate-related mobile application. Here are a few you should focus on.

Four Safety Essentials Every Agent Needs to Know

September 14, 2012: 

Your customer relationships can put your safety at risk. Here are four things you can do to make safety a bigger priority.

FHA Eases Some Key Condo Financing Limits

September 13, 2012: 

Some positive news from FHA today on its condo financing rules, with more changes expected to come in the near future.