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How to Ensure Your Seller Stays Happy With You

September 11, 2012: 

Sellers can grow frustrated with their real estate agents if they don't see quick results on the sale of their home. Here are some ways to stay in contact and prevent them from getting frustrated.

Number of Improving Housing Markets Grows

September 11, 2012: 

More metro areas have seen an uptick in housing permits, employment, and home prices in the last six consecutive months, according to an improving markets index.

Obama: Don't Take Away MID for Middle Class

September 10, 2012: 

Housing—specifically the mortgage interest deduction (MID)—did receive a nod in Obama’s acceptance speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Low-Wage Earners Struggle to Attain Home Ownership

September 10, 2012: 

A study shows that most of the new jobs created post-recession have been low-wage jobs, which doesn't bode well for helping to lift the housing market.

FTC Wins Big Against Housing Infomercial Scam

September 10, 2012: 

A judge granted the FTC $478 million—the largest judgment the agency has ever obtained—against three marketers of real estate infomercials.

Smaller Banks Now Under Fire for Foreclosure Abuses

September 10, 2012: 

After a landmark mortgage settlement against the nation's largest banks earlier this year, the U.S. state attorneys general are now investigating smaller banks for alleged foreclosure mishandlings.

Does Your SEO Make Your Site Look Like Spam?

September 10, 2012: 

These common search engine optimization practices could decrease your site's ranking with search engines, or even get your site banned.

NAR Participates in Political Conventions

September 10, 2012: 

Representatives from the National Association of REALTORS® attended both the DNC and RNC, appearing and speaking at various real estate-related forums in support of housing issues.

REALTORS® Help Out in Flood Relief Efforts

September 10, 2012: 

On Sept. 6, the directors of the REALTORS® Relief Foundation granted $100,000 to the Louisiana REALTORS® Association Relief Fund in order to assist with relief efforts in that state following the damage and flooding caused by Hurricane Isaac.

Multifamily Market Posts Strong Gains

September 7, 2012: 

The latest improvements in the apartment and condo sector marks the eighth consecutive month for growth.