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Realtors® Celebrate 100 Years of Professionalism in Real Estate

November 8, 2013: 

This year the National Association of Realtors® celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Realtors® Code of Ethics.

NAR Launches Priority Registration List for New .Realtor Top-Level Domain

November 7, 2013: 

During the 2013 REALTORS® Conference & Expo in San Francisco today, the National Association of Realtors® launched a member awareness campaign and priority registration for the .Realtor top-level domain, as an alternative to the familiar and commonly used .com or .org domains.

Realtors® Rise to New Heights to Tackle Real Estate Issues

November 7, 2013: 

During this year's conference, "Rise to New Heights," Realtors® will engage industry leaders and federal officials about Realtors®' top legislative priorities, the changing regulatory landscape, and the obstacles and opportunities facing consumers, real estate markets and the economy.

Realtors® Join Habitat for Humanity of Greater San Francisco to Create Housing Opportunities for Area Residents

November 6, 2013: 

Realtors® joined forces with Habitat for Humanity of Greater San Francisco to help construct a multifamily housing development for low-income families in the San Francisco area.

Most Metro Areas Show Strong Annual Home-Price Growth

November 6, 2013: 

The majority of metropolitan areas in the third quarter experienced robust year-over-year price gains, with the national median price showing the strongest annual growth in nearly eight years.

Home Buyers and Sellers Survey Shows Lingering Impact of Tight Credit

November 4, 2013: 

Although the housing market has shown a healthy recovery over the past two years, unnecessarily restrictive mortgage lending standards are preventing some financially qualified buyers from reaching their dreams, especially singles and first-time buyers.

Realtors® Report Americans Prefer to Live in Mixed-Use, Walkable Communities

November 4, 2013: 

Research by the National Association of Realtors® has consistently revealed that Americans prefer walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods and shorter commutes.

Realtors® to Regulators: Aligning QRM with QM Assures Safe, Sound Mortgage Lending

October 31, 2013: 

NAR believes that aligning the QRM definition with the QM definition removes the risky product features and low- or no-documentation lending that led to increased defaults, without excluding those buyers who are unable to afford a high down payment.

Realtors® Applaud Bipartisan Legislation to Delay Flood Insurance Rate Increases

October 29, 2013: 

NAR supports the 'Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act,' and urges its immediate consideration.

Realtors® Advocate Housing Finance System Overhaul That Protects Taxpayers and Access to Credit

October 29, 2013: 

On behalf of the leading advocate for homeownership and housing issues, NAR President Gary Thomas recommended essential reforms to the current housing finance structure that will benefit consumers.