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Code of Ethics and Professional Standards

Use this page to access NAR's Code of Ethics, professional standards, and mediation resources.


Code of Ethics

  • Read the full text of NAR's Code of Ethics
  • See the Code explained in video
  • Learn about publishing the Code of Ethics online

Code of Ethics Training

Ethics Complaints, Arbitration Requests, and Related Information 

  • Access NAR's resources for your use in understanding and filing ethics complaints and arbitration requests.

Code of Ethics Centennial Celebration

  • 2013 marked the 100th anniversary of NAR's Code of Ethics.

Professional Standards Training

  • Training resources and exercises for use by state and local REALTOR® associations.


  • Access mediation resources, training, events, videos, and articles.

Ombudsman Programs

  • Learn how to develop an ombudsman program at your association.

Forms, Models, Templates, and Brochures

  • View and download online ethics, mediation, and arbitration forms.
  • Download and customize brochures about professional standards and mediation.

Committees and Work Groups


Professional Standards Training & Mediation Resource Database

  • Search this database to find mediation officers and other resources on general professional standards education.


  • Buyer-Seller Dispute Resolution System (DRS)
    Designed to resolve disputes between buyers, sellers, and real estate brokers/salespeople not otherwise covered under Article 17 of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
  • Pathways to Professionalism
    This list of professional courtesies, for use by REALTORS® on a voluntary basis, supplements NAR's Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
  • Who Knows How New Your "New" Listing Really Is?
    To a broker, a “new listing” may mean a new contract. But to buyers, “new listing” suggests a house that’s just come onto the market. What are the implications for truth in advertising?