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Treasury Issues Interim TRIA Guidance

February 6, 2015: 

On Wednesday, Feb. 4, the Federal Insurance Office within the Department of the Treasury released interim guidance on implementation of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2015, which was signed into law on Jan. 12 and renewed the federal Terrorism Risk Insurance Program through 2020.

Fannie Collateral Underwriter Lender Letter

February 6, 2015: 

On Feb. 4, 2015, Fannie Mae released Lender Letter 2015-02 to provide clarifications and additional information about Collateral Underwriter, Appraiser Quality Monitoring (AQM) and updates to the Property Eligibility and Appraisal Requirements section of the Selling Guide.

Chris Polychron at 2015 Federal Policy Conference

February 6, 2015: 

2015 NAR President Chris Polychron wraps up the 2015 Federal Policy Conference in Washington DC.

Fannie Mae’s Collateral Underwriter (CU) Now Available to Lenders

February 3, 2015: 

Fannie Mae's CU is a tool that lenders can use to assign a risk score to appraisals and identify aspects of the appraisal that may require further attention.

Rural Housing Eligibility Information

February 3, 2015: 

Communities that were slated for federal rural housing program ineligibility on February 2, 2015 due to "rural in character" criteria will be reinstated as eligible through Sept. 30, 2015.

Lowering Federal Mortgage Fees is the Right Move

January 28, 2015: 

In this letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal, Chris Polychron talks about Obama’s recent policy changes to make mortgages more affordable.

Realtors® Support FHFA Director Watt's Efforts to Promote Affordable Homeownership

January 27, 2015: 

The FHFA's new low down payment mortgage program will help more people to become homeowners.

FHA Premium Reduction In Effect

January 26, 2015: 

The Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) 50 basis point mortgage insurance premium (MIP) reduction goes into effect.

Drone Operator Settles with FAA

January 25, 2015: 

A commercial drone pilot, Raphael Pirker, has settled his long-running case with the Federal Aviation Administration.

House Science Committee Drones Hearing

January 23, 2015: 

On Wednesday, January 21, the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee held a hearing to discuss innovations in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS, or "drones"), the need for FAA rules on their commercial use, and the roadblocks to getting those rules promulgated.