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  • Fix It and Flip It

    Item #141-131
    Find out why buying and selling fixer-upper real estate continues to be one of the most accessible, low-risk roads to financial independence......more details
    List Price: $23.95
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Product Description
Countless investors and do-it-yourselfers are eager to profit from buying, improving, and reselling homes. In Fix It and Flip It, two of America's leading home improvement authorities provide expert advice on how to maximize profit and minimize turnaround time on any remodeling-and-resale project.

Featuring unique, step-by-step project time lines for three types of investment properties, this comprehensive "fixer-upper" guide covers everything from the day-to-day workload to tips on tax issues, financing, and more.

This first-time real estate investor's handbook will help get you started with:
A fast and easy formula for crunching the numbers on a house--and determining if there's a profit to be made
Valuable timelines for completing two-month, six-month, and one-year-plus rehab projects
Firsthand accounts of what can go right and wrong when rehabbing an actual property
Easy improvements guaranteed to provide the greatest return--painting, replacing cabinet hardware, repairing screens, and more
Tips for locating, contracting with, and paying a quality subcontractor for bigger jobs

Buying and selling fixer-upper real estate continues to be one of the most accessible, low-risk roads to financial independence. Fix It and Flip It provides you with the savvy advice you need to find that first diamond-in-the-rough house--and use it as a stepping-stone to building solid, long-term real estate wealth.

About the Authors:
Katie and Gene Hamilton rehabbed their first home in 1966 and were soon buying and rehabbing houses full time. The authors of several home improvement and real estate books, they write the nationally syndicated newspaper column "Do It Yourself...Or Not?" and have appeared on CNN, Today and other programs.

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