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  • Buy Your Home SMARTER with Feng Shui (Book) -25% Off

    Item #141-136
    Discover how the ancient secrets of Feng Shui can help you analyze and select property wisely......more details
    Save 25% on this product now! (Discount reflected in price.)
    List Price: $18.71
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Product Description

25% OFF in JUNE
Have the power of Feng Shui on your side for your next home purchase!

Buying real estate can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. Whether you buy a home or a business location, it is immensely valuable to know what to look for - and what to avoid at all costs. Buy Your Home SMARTER with Feng Shui can give you little known Feng Shui secrets that can help you make a wise choice when you are buying real estate. Holly's background as a REALTOR® and a respected Feng Shui teacher make this book a must for anyone buying real estate.

Holly Ziegler, the Real Estate-Feng Shui expert, shows you what to look for, and what to avoid, in homes and land. Save precious days and weeks house-hunting... focus only on those properties with good Feng Shui, the ones that will bring you tranquility, beneficial energy, abundance, and good luck! This book is for anyone getting ready to buy a home, as well as for real estate professionals who want to find the best property for their client. By applying Feng Shui savvy when selecting your next home, you will feel better, luckier, and happier in the house you choose.

If you are a real estate agent, you’ll quickly see that learning Feng Shui and applying its principles will put you far ahead of the professional learning curve and increase your sales.

Applying the Feng Shui principles you’ll learn in this book will help ensure that you enjoy the highest possible quality of life and prosperity in your next house - whether it is your home or an investment property!

SPECIAL BONUS: Each book is autographed by the author.

About the Author:
Holly Ziegler, M.A., Ed., the Feng Shui - Real Estate Expert, earned her B.S. degree in Art & Home Economics/Interior Design, and her Master's Degree in Education from California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, California. She has been a highly successful real estate broker on the California Central Coast since 1976, and is a consistent multi-million dollar seller. Holly has studied Feng Shui intensively both in China and in the US with recognized Masters. She also teaches numerous workshops and Feng Shui courses nationally.

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