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Product Description

The Ten Commandments of Buying a House is a fun, practical, easy-to-use guide that is packed with information for your clients in the market for a home.

Although written with the client in mind, this book is a powerful, unique promotional tool for you. In an increasingly competitive market, successful agents are the ones who find new ways to rise above the crowd; to establish themselves as experts; to be the first person a potential client looks to for advice, insight-and sales! And what better way than to provide your clients with a book approved by you. Each book has a blank space on the cover to personalize with a custom sticker containing your photo/contact information. This isn't some cheap throwaway that people will discard and forget - your name is on something they will value and share with their friends, families and neighbors - all of whom are potential clients for you.

The Ten Commandments of Buying a House are:
I. Thou Shalt Not Buy a House (unless you're sure you're ready)
II. Thou Shalt Do Thy Homework
III. Thou Shalt Become Qualified for a Loan Before You Shop
IV. Thou Shalt Work with a REALTOR®
V. Thou Shalt Take Thy Uncle Bernie House Hunting with You
VI. Thou Shalt Offer a Fair Price
VII. Thou Shalt Remember: Everything in Real Estate is Negotiable
VIII. Thou Shalt Hire a Home Inspector
IX. Thou Shalt Decide if 3 Strong Friends with a Rental Truck is Really the Best Way to Move
X. Thou Shalt Make Thy New House a Home

About the Authors:
Tamera Rouff, REALTOR®, has worked for many years in Las Vegas, one of the fastest-growing housing markets in the country, as an escrow coordinator, for one of the largest independent real estate brokers in the state. She has successfully closed thousands of residential real estate transactions.

Bob Burris is a professional writer living in Los Angeles.

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