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Raise the Chi, Raise the Value!

If you learn best by listening or do not have the time to read, this 5-CD set is perfect for you. It features Holly Ziegler reading Sell Your Home FASTER with Feng Shui in its complete and unabridged form. You get all of the invaluable information in the book, easily broken down into chapters on the CD, plus you get a handy pocket sized bagua and a Chart of The Five Elements. A super way to learn!

Sell Your Home FASTER with Feng Shui is filled with practical advice from the world of real estate as well as the time-tested, environmental designed philosophy of Feng Shui. It blends both domains - modern savvy and ancient wisdom - the winning combination from marketing your home. A great gift for sellers and a comprehensive resource for agents.

Learn how to:
Clear clutter to allow the buyer to focus on what is important
See with "Feng Shui eyes" - the way a buyer feels
Use Feng Shui tips in every room - from the front porch to the garage!
Use "Feng Shui curb appeal" for a dynamic first impression
Maximize EVERY showing

Additional products from Holly Ziegler available from NAR include:
-Sell Your Home FASTER with Feng Shui (book)
-Buy Your Home SMARTER with Feng Shui (book)
-Buy Your Home SMARTER with Feng Shui (audio book)
-Feng Shui Secrets for the Real Estate Top Producer (DVD)

About the Author:
Holly Ziegler, M.A., Ed., the Feng Shui - Real Estate Expert, earned her B.S. degree in Art & Home Economics/Interior Design, and her Master's Degree in Education from California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, California. She has been a highly successful real estate broker on the California Central Coast since 1976, and is a consistent multi-million dollar seller. Holly has studied Feng Shui intensively both in China and in the US with recognized Masters. She also teaches numerous workshops and Feng Shui courses nationally.

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