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Product Description

MileageWiz™ is a software program that allows you to quickly and easily create an IRS conforming Mileage Log. It will allow you to create your entire year's log in an hour or less using the easy Interview wizard or to log throughout the year in a few minutes each week or day. It supports multiple businesses and vehicles and allows you to import data from one year to the next.

Everyone, including the IRS, knows that your mileage log takes a back seat when you have buyers and sellers needing your attention. However, automobile deductions nowadays are just too large to leave to chance. The IRS recently increased the standard mileage deductions to 48.5 cents/mile. If your vehicle gets 20 MPG, that is nearly $10 in deductions for every gallon of gas! If you drive 20,000 miles in your real estate business, this is nearly $10,000 in tax deductions. All that is required to claim this deduction is an IRS conforming mileage log.

MileageWiz™ gives you:
- Peace of Mind
- Freedom
- Increased deductions

The era of the nicer, gentler IRS is over. They are hiring thousands of new auditors and focusing on small business owners.
An entry in an IRS Conforming Mileage Log requires three things. Do you know what they are?
What is your peace of mind and protection worth?
The IRS made an important mileage ruling in 2004 that can really increase your deductions. MileageWiz™ can help you take advantage of this!

About Jump Start Technologies:
Jump Start Technologies, LLC is the industry leader of mileage log software. The company was founded with sole purpose of relieving the stress and headache of keeping an IRS Conforming mileage log. The company is headquartered in Bend, Oregon.

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