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  • 8 Steps to Buying a Home (by David Knox)

    Item #141-217
    Education the 'good buyers' and eliminate the non-buyers......more details
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Product Description

It's frustrating to waste precious time with unmotivated, indecisive buyers. That's why David Knox designed 8 Steps to Buying a Home to help educate buyers to be 'good buyers.' The non-buyers are eliminated by asking, "If your real estate agent found a home tonight that met your needs, would you buy it? If not, then don't look now."

Then the DVD helps get your buyers prepared to buy with questions like, "When do you need to be settled?" and "Who else may be involved in the decision?" The DVD also addresses the critical issue, "Should you buy first or sell first?" which alone makes this video an important selling and listing tool.

Buyers will also learn:
To be loyal to you and to consider a buyer agency contract.
How to determine housing requirements by understanding lifestyles & motivations.
How to establish price range and financing.
Efficient house hunting techniques. I encourage buyers who want to 'think it over,' to make prompt decisions and avoid losing their dream home.
The importance of submitting an attractive purchase agreement. I also urge buyers to avoid low offers and aim for a win-win transaction.

Both buyers and agents are raving about this video. In just 18 minutes your buyers will actually be prepared to buy and you'll reap the benefits of working with buyers that understand the entire homebuying process...from beginning to end!

The DVD running time is 18 minutes. Includes English and Spanish subtitles.

About the Author:
David Knox, CSP has built an international reputation as a top sales trainer and keynote presenter in the real estate industry. As an authority on pricing, negotiating and selling, he presents his seminars to more than 20,000 salespeople a year. David has been in the real estate industry for over 30 years as a salesperson, branch manager, training director and speaker. His company, David Knox Productions, is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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