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Product Description

While many real estate professionals are just now playing catch-up to the technology that has been available, they are unaware of what lies ahead—technology that poses a major threat to the way they do business.

Much like how the travel industry has been impacted by do-it-yourself web-enabled travel planning, the real estate industry is about to be blind-sided by the same kind of technology. The buying and selling process – including the actual sales transaction – will soon be completely manageable by anyone online, taking business away from real estate agents, mortgage brokers and countless other real estate pros.

Yet, there are opportunities to leverage these technological changes and provide the kind of person-to-person service that will be needed in the new real estate market. Danielle Babb, PhD, has been a technology consultant for the real estate business for more than a decade and believes that real estate pros who add value will survive the intense online competition that is just a few short years away.

In her new book, Commissions at Risk: A Real Estate Professional’s Guide to Beating Online Competition, Babb provides an in-depth look at the technologies that are on the verge of release and how exactly they are designed to replace many of the real estate pros typically involved in a transaction. She also identifies key areas of opportunity for pros interested in working in new ways and rising above the competition.

Among the key points she covers are:
How future real estate transactions will be handled completely online, step-by-step
Why new technologies will be embraced by consumers, especially the new generation of buyers and sellers
How real estate pros can capitalize on new technologies, even when they pose a threat
What niches are particularly strong opportunities for the “personal touch”
How to market real estate services in a web-enabled market

Commissions at Risk provides a thorough overview of how technology is changing real estate and how future capabilities will create an even bigger impact. Any real estate professional – from agents to mortgage brokers to attorneys – will find this book valuable and insightful.

About the Author:
Danielle Babb, PhD, is an expert on the use of technology and speaks nationally and internationally on this topic. She is a consultant for real estate organizations, helping them survive the coming wave of technology. She also is an adjunct professor at eleven Southern California colleges, where she teaches courses on how IT practices affect all areas of business.

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