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  • The Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership

    Item #141-236
    The perfect book to energize business leaders and help them make the leap into extreme leadership......more details
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Product Description

The business world is ready for an entirely new approach to leadership, and Steve Farber has written the perfect book to energize business leaders and help them make the leap into extreme leadership. In fact, taking a giant “L.E.A.P” forward is exactly what Farber prescribes. What exactly is an extreme leader? One who cultivates love, generates energy, inspires audacity, and provides proof. In his exciting and innovative new business parable, The Radical Leap, Farber explores an entirely new leadership model, one in which leaders aren’t afraid to take risks, make mistakes in front of employees, or actively solicit employee feedback. His book dispenses with the typical, tired notions of what it means to be a leader.

Farber, former Vice President and Official Mouthpiece of the Tom Peters Company, has written a business parable like no other, filled with vivid, fully realized, and eccentric characters, crazy plot twists, honest and believable conversations about leadership, and most importantly, an innovative program for leaders to inspire and engage their companies.

In The Radical Leap, we meet Steve, a leadership consultant who is intrigued and challenged by an enigmatic man named Edg, from whom he learns the concept of L.E.A.P. Steve is then asked to help a friend, Janice, overcome conflicts at the biotech company where she works and bring back the company’s inspiring former CEO. The company is revitalized, having undergone a radical and successful transformation.

Farber’s book reveals the questions leaders must ask themselves in order to truly become extreme leaders, including:
Why do I love my business, my employees, and my customers, and how can I show them how I feel?
What effect do my actions have on the energy of the people around me? (OR, What are the unnecessary, time-consuming, bureaucratic policies and procedures that suck our energy?)
How are we going to change the world of our company, our employees, customers, marketplace, and industry?
What have I done today to show my commitment to my colleagues and customers?

About the Author:
Steve Farber is the former Vice President and Official Mouthpiece of the Tom Peters Company and is currently President of Extreme Leadership, Inc., an organization devoted to changing the world through the cultivation and development of Extreme Leaders in the business community. In this capacity, he has coached hundreds of clients at such companies as Sun Microsystems, Charles Schwab, Clorox, Intel, Kraft Foods, American Medical Association, Wells Fargo, and Disney. Steve lives in San Diego.

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