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Product Description

The big dogs of industry spend billions of dollars on advertising and marketing, and most of it gets funneled through ad agencies. Ad agencies have 9 Secrets that generate big results for their clients - 9 vital things they don't want to share with you that aren't taught in any marketing classes. Now these secrets can be yours. The 9 Secrets are revealed in Jerry Rossi's newest book. Dog Eat Dog & Vice Versa: 9 Secrets to Put the Bite in Your Marketing. You'll get an insider's view of what works and what doesn't when it comes to marketing in today's marketplace.

Instead of relying on the ancient wisdom still being taught as modern marketing techniques – old sales tactics and flimflam methods from the early 1900s – this book offers you ways to STOP IT and move into the 21st Century. Use the 9 Secrets to grow your market and increase your business’s bottom line – no matter what size organization you run.

What You'll Find Inside:
Chapter 1: Do It Now!
Chapter 2: People Don't Read!
Chapter 3: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Bucks!
Chapter 4: No One Wants to Be Sold!
Chapter 6: A Two Word Solution to Marketing
Chapter 7: Marketing is a Contact Sport
Chapter 8: There's No Bull's (Eye) In Target Marketing
Chapter 9: The High Flown Hype of Hyperspace
Chapter 10: Dare to be Unique
Chapter 11: It Doesn't Have to be Expensive to be Effective

About the Author:
Jerry Rossi provides inter-active workshops, enhances and effectively delivers the sponsor's message, motivation, and education for companies, corporations, and associations internationally. He's delivered 3000 plus presentations over the last 25 years. Edutainer, author, columnist, humorist, lifestyle motivator, program host and creator.

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