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Product Description

How we think of home changes throughout our lives, shifting with location, time, our families, and our own perspective. A home lives and breathes through holidays and seasons, through lemonade-soaked summer afternoons, through steaming bowls of soup that warm us up from winter’s chill. As the steady rhythm of our lives go on, our families change and our homes change, too: we welcome our babies, friends, pets and eventually our grandchildren. No matter where or what we are doing, home is the place we return to.

Thoughts of Home is filled with simple, nostalgic, everyday scenes of home life that inspire fond memories of our own families and homes. beautiful photographs pair with moving descriptions that capture the smells and tastes and colors of home through the seasons, evoking the emotional impact of our own home and family.

A beautiful coffee table book, Thoughts of Home was written with the person who has been transferred or relocated in mind. The gift page makes it a perfect choice for real estate professionals and mortgage brokers to give their clients. It is also a wonderful housewarming or going-away gift for friends or family who find themselves coming or going.

About the Author:
Judy McCabe was born in Burlington, Vermont and grew up in Buffalo, New York. There she met and married Richie McCabe, an NFL coach and former player. For the next fourteen years, they followed Richie’s coaching career to Oakland, Cleveland, back to Buffalo, and finally to Denver before Richie passed away from cancer at a relatively young age. Judy's current home is Minneapolis, where she is a REALTOR®. Thoughts of Home sprang from her experiences of having to pick up and re-establish home several times over for her family, and of helping other people and families find their homes.

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