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  • The TurnKey Investor's Real Estate Portfolio Success Secrets (Audio Program)

    Item #141-270
    Learn the 10 secrets every real estate investment portfolio builder needs......more details
    List Price: $23
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Product Description

The TurnKey Investor's Real Estate Portfolio Success Secrets is a 62-minute audio program that provides you a jump-start to real estate investment portfolio building success by explaining the 10 success areas every real estate investment portfolio builder must learn and master.

Every successful real estate investment portfolio builder has crucial success areas they must focus on to make their investment portfolio grow consistently and profitably. They know that focusing on the right things leads to continuous and extraordinary capital growth and returns. They know that focusing on the wrong things ultimately leads to disastrous financial results.

Whether you are an active or passive investor, you must know the key success areas all real estate investment portfolio builder must learn and master.

Beginning investors are often "deal-focused" and go from deal to deal with no clear vision looking for the next big payday. Experienced and wealth-minded investors are "portfolio-focused" and think with a longer-term view. Every deal builds on the ones done before working towards a clear vision creating a compound growth effect. Beginning investors very often never learn these simple lessons letting valuable years slip away.

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About the Author:
Matthew Chan has been involved with investment real estate through family Rental property since he was a teenager. After spending ten years in Corporate America, Matthew escaped to become a successful entrepreneur at the age of 29. A few short years later, he started his own investment real estate portfolio. He is an accomplished author, speaker and investor headquartered in Columbus, Georgia.

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