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  • Crossing Unfamiliar Waters? Field Map

    Item #141-293
    Innovative, unique and designed for field use by Realtors®, this Visual Incite™ Big Picture™ visually walks prospects through the selling process...more details
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Product Description

Why “Crossing Unfamiliar Waters?”
A number of market forces, including the increased role of the internet in real estate, the growth in the number of real estate professionals and the perception among some consumers that Listing Agents just “...throw a sign in the yard and put the house on MLS…” are threatening to “commoditize” the value Realtors® provide.

One of the chief results of these market forces is that today, more than ever, there is downward pressure on Realtors® to reduce their commissions.

“Crossing Unfamiliar Waters?” is designed as an innovative, visual tool to literally show prospects the complexity, level of detail and scope of activity involved in selling a residence and ultimately the value you, the Listing Agent provides. Based on interviews with top-performing Realtors® and 3rd-party research, “Crossing Unfamiliar Waters?” is a 2-sided Visual Incite™ Big Picture™ that, on one side visually depicts:

the principal actions and services the Listing Agent performs on behalf of the Sellers;
the key parties, companies and roles the Listing Agent coordinates and involves at the various stages;
the five major phases of the selling process the Listing Agent shepherds the Sellers through; and
the fourteen key steps within the major phases.

On the other side, “Crossing Unfamiliar Waters?” articulates the value, actions, activities and services a Listing Agent provides the Sellers across the major phases and key steps of the selling process.

UV- coated, tear- and water-resistant.
11x17, Z-folded to 11x4.25 and scored
14 pt cover, glossy stock
2-sided color

Why Visual Incite™ Big Pictures™?
Big Pictures™ are one-page, visual stories created through a proven, battle tested proprietary methodology and focused on a specific topic with a specific goal. Visual Incite™ Big Pictures™ are extremely effective because they are:

one page: forced prioritization of essential message
visual: appeals to 60+% of audience – research says most people are visual learners
stories: embeds elements of purpose, emotion, direction and meaning for greater retention

Visual Incite™ engagements start at $25,000 and as such have been out of the reach of small business owners like Realtors®. However, through numerous requests by the real estate community, Visual Incite™ has expanded its business model to bring the value of Big Pictures™ within the reach of Realtors®.

About Visual Incite
Visual Incite,, is a distinctly specialized, atypical communications firm that creates high impact one-page, visual stories called Big Pictures™. Big Pictures™ and their derivative products are used by forward-thinking organizations to advance causes in sales, marketing, training and other key areas.

Headquartered in Flower Mound, Texas, Visual Incite is led by Jeff Doucet, who has completed over 60 engagements since 2003 with leading global brands including IBM, Nokia and EDS helping them create their “big pictures”.

Mr. Doucet has over 16 years of professional experience holding executive management, consulting and sales roles with global leaders including PeopleSoft, The Wyatt Company and The Hay Group.

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