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Product Description
The first official guide from the Green REsource Council to assist commercial property owners, property managers, and small business owners in the most cost-effective ways to save money, their health and the planet!

NAR’s not only provides the comprehensive NAR Green Designation program but now offers this FREE Green Guide as a way for NAR members to stay ‘top of mind’ by bringing their clients up to speed on all of the new eco-opportunities.

NAR’s Green REsource Council ‘Green Office Guide’ provides valuable information on how business owners across the United States can take action in their everyday lives to reduce their carbon footprint while also saving money, energy and the environment. This is the perfect jumpstart for helping clients and prospects to begin thinking of their home as an ‘organism’ rather than an ‘object’.

This one-of-a-kind resource gives practical and insightful tips to both business owners and property owners so they can immediately have a positive impact on their surrounding environment. Business professionals can see for the first time the Return on Investment and Payback Calculations on over 50 ‘green’ office projects. These projects will not only create a healthier and more energy efficient office but also increase the property’s value. Employees will also learn how they too can make a difference in their activities at work.

This is a ‘one stop shop’ guide intended to serve as a fast and easy way to help business decision makers see the hierarchy of performance and payback. The calculations are based on comprehensive local and national research and a combination of reports from sources such as the U.S. Department of Energy, the EPA, ENERGY STAR®, U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Program and information from University Studies, Architects, Manufacturer Specifications and Homeowners with actual performance feedback.

Get copies to print or email as PDFs to all of your clients and potential clients today! The Green REsource Council offers additional benefits that are available only to NAR Green Designees. One of which includes the ability to customize this guide with a photo and contact information. This guide has been developed in conjunction with, one of America’s leading resources for home and property owners that want to save money, their health, and the planet.
This eProduct will be delivered immediately after order to your My Account section of You will not receive anything physically.

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