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Product Description

Social Media for REALTORS®: Facebook - Download is an easy-to-understand tool that will help real estate professionals take their business to the next level by showing them how to use Facebook to benefit their business. This quick get started guide will allow real estate professionals to save time, money, and effort with assistance on how to start and how to effectively market their business on Facebook. This product includes updates made to Facebook as of April 2013 and let's you stay on top of the quickly changing technology.

The guide features:
Creating your Personal “Profile”
How to manage your friends using the “Smart List” feature
How to Maximize the Business “Page”
What and How to Post
Facebook “Case Study”
18 “Putting Into Practice” Tips that turn theory into action
10 Ways to Use Content to Get Results
10 Ways to Optimally Manage Your Time on Facebook
The 5 Item That Make a Good Business “Page”
5 Topics with expanded video tips

Through the piece you will see a number of video tips specifically created to help expand and enhance the content in the piece created by NAR Director of Digital Engagement Nobu Hata. These video tips offer 2 to 3 minute video tutorials online for each item they reference.

Social Media for REALTORS®: Facebook is part of the NAR Social Media for REALTORS® series, it is an easy-to-understand tool that will help real estate professionals like you take your business to the next level using the power of online social media tools, saving you time, money, and effort by getting started with key do's and don’ts.

This series also includes Social Media for Realtors®: Your Website, Social Media for REALTORS®: Digital Marketing , and Social Media for REALTORS®: 101 Do's and Don'ts.

Also available in a VIP Combination Package
Social Media for REALTORS® Series 4 Pack - Download

This product was created in conjunction with NAR’S e-PRO® Certification, raising the bar for REALTORS in social media and technical expertise. For more information, visit or email

This eProduct will be delivered immediately (upon checkout) after order to your My Account section of You will not receive anything physically.

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